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Cost Less to Use the Best

Dry Vacuuming Excavation and Trenching (Waterless Technology)

Safer Operation
  • Built in gas detection inside and outside of the hopper with an auto shutdown
  • Truck is controlled remotely
  • Lower number of operators required
  • Multiple interchangeable end attachments that allows the operators to get closer to lines, cables, pipes, etc. in sensitive areas
Environmentally Friendly
  • No slurry generated (Waterless Technology)
  • Slurry typically needs to be contained, tested and treated prior to disposal
  • Reuse of excavated material
  • Reduced quantity of waste
  • HydroVac consumes approximately 2,600 gallons of water every 3 – 4 hours of operation
  • No risk of undermining
  • Lower noise pollution (Less than 85 dp at 20 feet)
Lower Costs
  • Waterless Technology – no water requirements, truck does not have to leave the worksite to refill water or dump material.  This equates to reduced number of billable hours
  • Contaminated waste can be side tipped in roll off bins
  • Reduces overall waste disposal costs by not introducing water into the material
  • Higher CFM (24,000 – 26,000) which relates to increased productivity
  • Power arm capable of mechanical digging
  • DryVac typically reduces the project time versus conventional HydroVac system
  • Reduced number of operators required
  • Waterless Technology
  • DryVac maintain a dry, safe and manageable worksite
  • DryVac does not generate a slurry which reduces environmental concerns and overall disposal costs
  • DryVac system can reuse excavated material
  • Increased productivity equates to lower costs to our customers
Safety Compliance and Human Resource Affiliations
  • AVETTA – ISN (IS Networld) – DISA (DISA Global Solutions) – PEC – Veriforce – NCMS


Safer Operation
  • Excellent Safety Record
  • Dry Vacuum Excavation and Trenching (Waterless Technology)
  • Site Administration Services
  • Onsite Safety Professional
  • Maintenance Planning and Scheduling
  • QA/QC Professional
Safety Compliance and Human Resource Affiliations
  • ISN (IS Networld)
  • DISA (DISA Global Solutions)
  • NCMS (National Compliance Management Services, Inc.)
  • PEC
  • Veriforce

The Ram-Tech Team realizes the importance of the client/contractor relationship and responds to our client’s service needs with professionalism in the most cost efficient reliable manner possible. As a “turnkey construction project and service” company we are committed to the highest quality of work for all projects, this includes strict enforcement and compliance with all company and client safety programs. We are committed to maintaining the highest safety standards for all of our employees. To ensure this, Ram-Tech is a member of ISNetworld, Avetta, DISA, PEC, Veriforce, and NCMS and maintains a 100% compliance rating.

Ram-Tech offers its clients a single-source solution for all of your construction, maintenance and reliability needs. Ram-Tech takes pride in complete customer satisfaction and every job is handled with the same integrity and commitment to quality.

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